Dec 16, 2014

End of year Pirate Challenge 2

Make a pirate ship plank (cantilever) that is cantilevered (hangs) off the side of a ship.
Then see how many naughty pirates (ten rods) they can hold.

End of Year Fun!

Lunch time swim!!

Nov 26, 2014

Healthy Eating Links

I have found some links that will have information for finding out about;
* a balanced diet
* healthy food
* benefits of healthy food

This is the 5 + a Day website

This is the Healthy Kids website

This is the Breakfast Eaters Have it Better website

Nutrition Tips

Feeding our Families

Information about Healthy Lunches - Need to know what is NOT healthy for lunchboxes and what is?

Need to know how to tell if a recipe is healthy? Go here!

Nov 25, 2014

Rotation ART!

Today you will try out your reflection and rotation skills with a piece of ART WORK!
Click HERE for the instruction!

It has lines of symmetry (how many?!), it has reflection (where?!), it has rotation!

Have fun!!

Nov 4, 2014

My extraordinary handwriting!!

This is my handwriting today. I am very proud of it!!! It is much neater than usual!!
 This is my handwriting today!!

 This is my writing 3 days ago

As you can see I have improved a lot from 3 days ago.
I am very proud of my work. :D

By Alex

Oct 23, 2014

I'm Somie.

My name is Somie.And my mother's name is Eunsil,my father's name is SM Chung.
I'm from Seoul,Korea.There is very good.But, New Zealand is very good,too.
I can play the Flute,Violin and Piano.And I like music.
My favourite food is Sushi.And my favourite fruit is peach.
I like New Zealand.Because,people is very freandly.So I'm very happy.

Oct 22, 2014

Paper Swords Cut Nothing

Major Blunder came to school. Major Blunder was boring because MB was talking about war staff that i didn't know about.But i learned more. I was finally over time to make paper swords (fun). So i made mine. Time for WAR!!!!!!! My team marched outside we lined up. My side, time to DIE ..... nooooooooooo.

World War One

 On Monday the 20th Major Blunder and his dragoon came to our school and he explained how Wolrd War one happened and I will tell you a little bit of it.

      Well, there was Duke of Austrio-Hungry and someone put a hit on the Duke, and all of them had failed but one had a chance to kill him and took it and killed two other people in the progress.

So, then they told the school how to make a sword (aka paper sword) then the whole school got in to school groups and versed each other. Major Blunder showed us how to defeat, punish and humiliate our enemies.
It was lots of enjoyment.

The Epic War Of APS

On Monday 20th October Major Blunder taught us how to reenact World War 1 (WWI).
We made newpaper into swords. We used 6 sheets.
I made my own sword and used it to chop Ms Kelly's legs off. Then her troops surrounded me and killed me (there were three but I only remember two of them; Jaz and Ashley).
New Zealand did not have a flag back in 1914. On our side was Australia and maybe the British.

It was hard defeating the enemy at APS with paper swords I wonder if it was hard in the olden days war...

Good Holidays

I'm so lucky!   All the other kids are at school and I am on my way to Pamistin north. 

Finally I got to the airport. My dad was there to pick me up, I was so! EXCITED!!!!!!!  🙀 Then we got to the farm but I was annoyed because my cousin was not there.
and then the next day my cosin came we had lots of fun 

A couple of days went by, we went to try to catch a lamb.🐑 We saw an orphan lamb 
and we chased it down a hill and it tripped over and we finally caught it. I felt sorry for the lamb.
It was extremely challenging .

We took it back on the four wheeler and we let the lamb sleep inside. We made a little cage for the lamb inside the house and the next day we drove through the forest to get a bigger cage for outside. We put the lamb in the cage and then we got a tarpoulin and threaded some cotton and we put some tin on the tarpoulin be because it was going to rain and we did not want the lamb to get wet. 

I would really want to stay at the farm for a bit longer. I was so sad when we left.

Sep 25, 2014

Number Rap

Today i did a number rap and here it is!

Sep 18, 2014

Recorder with Maestro Matheson

On Thursday Nile room was learning how to play the recorder with MAESTRO MATHESON !!! 
He ( mr Matheson ) brings them in a boiling hot bucket so we did not get another people's germs.

The production

On Wednesday night the all of the school was in the play. Marlin was the kiwi that could fly. I am in charge of props. Nothing happens unless I finish doing my job. 
Last night I was really nervous when I went on the stage bow at the end. I thought I might faint. It was scary.

Once during the performance when I was bringing in the trees one of the trees hit the microphones that are suspended from a wire above the stage.
They swung back and forth for AGES... and the noise of the leaves hitting the mic was BAD!
The audience cracked up with laughter. I felt funny like a comedian.

Sep 16, 2014

Production teaser.....

This is a video part of our Production - Flight of the Kiwi. It has acting and also some scenes of the history of flight.

What does this guy have to do with Flight?
Can you figure out what is special about his cleaning lady?

Sep 15, 2014


Here are some stills from the video parts of our production called "Flight of the Kiwi" .... Final dress rehearsal was today! 
Can you guess the famous aviators from these re-enactments?

Sep 10, 2014

Sep 9, 2014

Pink Soup!!!

We made soup with veggies we grew in our garden!
It was easy and yummy too!
It had leeks, potatoes, broccoli, spinach, water, oil and parsley.
It was pink because of the beetroot!
Our whole class had some, even Quentin and he usually doesn't like beetroot!

Production Update...

A very tired choir after sitting through a costume check!!

Sep 4, 2014

Planes are out!

We put the planes out as it is Spring. We are studying flight this term. Every year in Spring we put some wooden sculptures in the daffodils outside our school. It is a tradition.

The boys are doing some filming for our production which is coming up soon. Don't worry, a teacher is out there too.